Arizona Chicken Recipe In Urdu & English | Chicken Recipes


Arizona Chicken Recipe

Hi, All Viewers How Are You I Hope You Find I Want To Share Easy And Delicious Recipe With You.Today Recipe Name Is { Arizona Chicken } I Know Many Recipes In World, But This Recipe Is delicious You Can Make Easily And This Recipe Not Bed For Health.

Let explore a new taste by following Arizona Chicken recipe. Buttery taste of recipe will impress all.
I Know You Like Eating Arizona Chicken. So I’m Here With Arizona Chicken In Urdu And English.

In Today’s Post, You Are Going To Learn How To Make Chicken Arizona.

{ Arizona Chicken } Recipe is Famous In All over Pakistan And Also In World. It’s Very Awesome And Easy Recipe You Can Make Easily At Home in Some time.

If U Want, Make Arizona Chicken Follow These Steps (Let’s Start) With K Food Recipes.

Arizona Chicken Recipe In Urdu & English | Chicken Recipes

( First You Need 15 Ingredients )

1) Fly two pieces of chicken breast

2) Half teaspoon of salt

3) One teaspoon white pepper

4) Half teaspoon of mustard paste

5) Ginger garlic paste a teaspoon

6) Eating a tablespoon lemon juice

7) Wooster Shire sauce spoon Food

8) Eating a tablespoon of soy sauce

9) Chile-garlic sauce spoon Food

10) Two tablespoons flour

11) Two ounces of butter

12) A teaspoon of chopped parsley

13) For grilling

14) Two tablespoons oil

15) Two ounces of butter

Now Your Ingredients Done Now We Need Do Synthesis Lets’ Start With K Food Recipes

1) Chicken breast salt, ½ teaspoon white pepper, mustard paste, ½ teaspoon garlic ginger paste, lemon juice, Wooster Shire sauce, oyster sauce, then my net for half an hour with soy sauce and Chile-garlic law.

2) Then they coat the chicken in the flour.

3) Greece may still grill pan with butter and grill until chicken has seven to eight minutes away from either side.

4) Then find out Plater.

5) Then take the remaining butter warm ½ teaspoon ginger paste, garlic, white pepper and fry the remaining parcel immediately removed from the stove and pour over the chicken.

6) Serve with potato chips or mashed potatoes made.

Now Done Your Recipe Now You Serve Your Recipe Now You Can Eat Delicious Arizona Chicken.

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