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Chicken Roast Recipe

Hi, All Viewers How Are You I Hope You Find I Want To Share Easy And Delicious Recipe With You.
Today Recipe Name Is { Chicken Roast } I Know Many Chicken Recipes In World But This Recipe Is delicious You Can Make Easily And This Recipe Not Bed For Health.Chicken Roast Recipe Is Easy And Awesome Recipe You Can Serve With Cream. You Can Make Easily At Home

Today You Will Learn Easy Chicken Roast Recipe From K Food Recipe

Chicken Roast Easy Recipe In Urdu & English. { Chicken Roast } Recipe is Famous In All over Pakistan And Also In World. It’s Very Awesome And Easy Recipe You Can Make Easily At Home in some time.

If U Want to Make Chicken Roast Follow These Steps (Let’s Start) With K Food Recipes.

( First You Need 13 Ingredients )


1) Chicken is a number of skins

2) Voter Sauce Four Meat Spoon

3) Ginger garlic paste two metal spoon

4) Lemon two numbers

5) Onion a number

6) Cut onion a number of leaves

7) Ginger a piece medium size

8) Garlic three to four shoe

9) Cinnamon powder half-teaspoon

10) Pepper one-quarter teaspoon

11) White pepper one-quarter teaspoon

12) Salt taste taste

13) Oil customization

Now Your Ingredients Done Now We Need Do Synthesis Lets’ Start With K Food Recipes

1) Vendor Sauce, Ginger, Garlic, Lime Juice, Peppers, Pepper, White Pepper, and Salt Mix a bowl.

2) Mix this mixture well on the chicken inside and outside.

3) Then put onions, ordinary onion, ginger, medium and four gourds of garlic, all of them bake and fill in the chicken.

4) After that, mix some oil on the chicken and wrap this chicken in silver frying and keep it in the oven and the temperature of the oven should be the same centimeter.

5) Your chicken roast is ready after forty and five minutes.

6) This chicken is the popular three chickens of Chinese style.

7) Offer sliced lime, cats, and tomatoes with salad or chest sauce on salad leaves.

8) Put the chicken in the refrigerator for a half hour before mixing, it will be cooked soon.

Now Done Your Recipe Now You Serve Your Recipe Now You Can Eat delicious Chicken Roast.

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