Chicken White Karahi Recipe Step By Step | Chicken Recipes



Hi All Viewers How Are You I Hope You Find Today I want Share Easy And Awesome Recipe
Today Recipe Name Is { Chicken White Karahi } I Know Many Recipes In World But This Recipe Is delicious You Can Make Easily And This Recipe Not Bed For Health.

(Chicken white karahi) Is Famous In All Over Pakistan. It’s Very Awesome And Easy Recipe You Can Make Easily At Home in Some time.

Follow This Recipe And Get A Delicious Taste Of Meaty Dish With Chicken White Karahi. Serve Lip Smacking Dish With Bread Naan And Salad.If U Want Make Chicken White Karahi Follow These Steps (Let’s Start) With K Food Recipes.

Chicken White Karahi Recipe Step By Step | Chicken Recipes

         ( First You Need 11 Ingredients )

1) Five hundred grams of chicken.

2) Two hundred fifty grams of yogurt

3) Ginger garlic paste spoon two meals

4) Green peppers four to five pieces

5) Teaspoon dried coriander in a food severed

6) A teaspoon of cumin cut eating

7) One teaspoon of black pepper chopped

8) ½ cup cream

9) Salt to taste

10) Ginger is a medium piece

11) Green coriander half fungi

Now Your Ingredients Done Now We Need Do Synthesis Lets’ Start K Food Recipes

1) Make Chicken fried in hot oil in a pan until light golden brown.

2) Then I cook for a minute, put ginger garlic paste.

3) Now, cumin, dried coriander, black pepper, salt, butter and cook on high heat and pour a half cup of water to chicken out.

4) Cook green pepper and then add the cream and mix well off the stove.

5) The garnish and serve with green coriander and ginger.

Now Done Your Recipe Now You Serve Your Recipe Now You Can Eat delicious Chicken White Karahi.

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