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green chili rice recipe


Hi, All Viewers How Are You I Hope You Find I Want To Share Easy And Delicious Recipe With You.Today Recipe Name Is { Green Chili Rice } I Know Many Recipes In World But This Recipe Is delicious You Can Make Easily And This Recipe Not Bed For Health.

{ Green Chili Rice } Recipe is Famous In All over Pakistan And Also In World. It’s Very Awesome And Easy Recipe You Can Make Easily At Home in Some time.A Good And Spicy Rice Recipe That’s Easy To Make. Why Name Of This Recipe Is Green Chili Rice Because Green Chilies Are Used In It To Infuse A Taste. You Can Serve Green Chili Rice with Any Gravy.

If U Want Make Green Chili Rice Follow These Steps (Let’s Start) With K Food Recipes.

How To Make Green Chili Rice Recipe | Rice Recipes

                  ( First You Need 11 Ingredients )

Green Chili Rice Ingredients

1) Two cups of boiled rice

2) Two teaspoons of oil

3) Half teaspoon of ginger paste

4) A teaspoon garlic paste

5) Two pieces finely chopped green pepper

6) A two-digit link address

7) One onion

8) Salt to taste

9) Half teaspoon of ground black pepper

10) A teaspoon soy sauce

11) Boneless chicken cubes soaked in water

Now Your Ingredients Done Now We Need Do Synthesis Lets’ Start With K Food Recipes

1) Before you put the oil in Dixie ginger paste and garlic paste and put it back to sleep.

2) Then mix thoroughly green peppers, sharp leaves, onion and pour rice.

3) Then the salt, ground pepper, and soy sauce should mix well.

4) Then put the chicken stock cubes then mix well.

5) And when the stock of fir trees will dry out the water in the dish.

Now Done Your Recipe Now You Serve Your Recipe Now You Can Eat delicious Green Chili Rice.

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